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product name: single jersey

Breadth: 150cm
Grammage: 70gsm
Ingredient: All Polyester

Wujiang Lin Wei Textile Co., Ltd.(long dimension warp) is located in Suzhou City shengze Shun East Lake Road Town, Wujiang first (within the new joint silk factory), the company was founded in 1998, is a committed to the development of chemical fiber knitted fabrics and production, textile fabric dyeing and finishing of private enterprise. Professional production and sales of surface materials and weft warp surface materials, annual production capacity: 60 million meters. Dyeing processing capacity: 26,000 tons, 500 million yuan in sales.

The company has a large base of weaving and dyeing factory, the main production processes in Jiangsu, Anhui: chemical fiber raw material from warping - warp weft weaving - Fleece - staining - stenter - test finished, stop production lines, production operations reserves using supermarket-style, full specifications, stocking feet, fast delivery, special circumstances three days of delivery.

Dyeing factory located in Anhui Province-German economic and technological development zone, covers an area of ??123,000 square meters, the factory area of ??42,000 square meters, fixed assets investment 120 million yuan, 600 employees, 48 sets of dyeing machines, napping machine 24, Taiwan stereotypes machine 8 , inspection machines, automatic packaging machines stop supporting the production.

Major equipment: The company has imported high-speed warp knitting machines Karl Mayer from Germany to 130 inches -210 inches HKS warp knitting machine, 28-pin, 32-pin range, HKS2, HKS3, HKS4 have, the number of 78 units, able to adapt to a variety of , product width from 44 inches -100 inches, product weight from 15g/m2 -350g/m2. Knitting machine: Double-sided machine 30 "-34" 24G 28G 32G 36G, single machine 30 "28G 24G.

Leading products include suede, short plush, loop, gold velvet, silk velvet, velvet flower, imitation velveteen, velvet toys, super soft velvet, corduroy, plain cloth, light cloth, beads horizon cloth, mesh , fluorescent fabrics, bunting, all kinds of knitted double-sided fabrics, stretch fabrics, knitted mesh. Product color range, based on the advanced technology and equipment, our products are exported to America, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions and won a good reputation.

Featured Product: spend cashmere (spent grinding down) the country's largest output, product quality, suitable for apparel and home textiles, more than 40,000 meters per day, suede flat, soft, non-elastic, can, Taiwan products, compared with South Korea. Wujiang Lin Wei Textile Co. (long dimension warp) product quality, customer satisfaction definitely is our ultimate goal. Business integrity, solidarity is our aim. We look forward to serving at home and abroad, the company is willing customers long dimension in the years ahead, hand in hand, create brilliant.

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